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Yomi Gaming is an entity dedicated to improving the gamer’s quality of life. Our gaming center serves as a break away from the norm and a place to come and do the things we love among like-minded people. Enter our home and enjoy a unique, healthy environment to socialize, have fun, and train for your next time to shine. Atlanta’s fighting game community finally has a place to call home at a truly affordable price. Members will have an opportunity to attend fitness classes, yoga, mindfulness sessions, and wellness courses free of charge. These are offered not only to get our players closer to victory in tournament, but victory in all realms of life. While we offer the usual snacks and treats, you’ll always have healthy options to refuel and keep doing what you the love.

Throughout the month, tournaments will be hosted for all games with a diverse gaming community. These highly produced tournaments are not only a valuable tool to level up and satisfy the urge to compete, but they offer the local community an opportunity for sponsorship to major tournaments across the country. Our 12,000 square foot facility is available for events of all kinds, birthday parties, or your next tournament. Entertainment and videogame related content will be produced on a daily basis with plenty of opportunity for members to get in on the action. Gamer brothers and sisters, we proudly serve you.


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